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The Guide to Diamonds

Our diamonds are sourced from the best suppliers around the world and are fit and styled to your specific needs and requirements. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the most value for money and offer expert advice on what compromises need to be made in terms of clarity, cut, materials, fit and so on, tailored to your budget and the special occasion being celebrated.


The 4 Cs

The 4 C’s of Diamond Quality was created as a universal method for establishing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world. This method is so important for 2 reasons - 1. Diamond quality can be communicated in a universal language and 2. Diamond-buying consumers can know exactly what they are about to consume.

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Styles and Settings

There’s nothing more iconic than a Shaw Diamond engagement ring. Discover our classic and contemporary designs.

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The Buying Process

It's pretty simple actually...

Step 1: Determine your budget by having a conversation with one of our specialists to establish what your needs are and what would be most realistic for you


Step 2: Choose the shape of your diamond and the setting/design of the ring 

Step 3: Confirm you are happy with the design or request any changes 

Step 4: Collect and enjoy your brand new custom made ring!

Engagement Rings

Since 1985, Shaw Diamonds has specialized in engagement rings and making sure everything is perfect, right up until that heart-racing moment you pop the question.


Speak to one of our experts today so we can celebrate your love with you.